About Us

Nate Haskins


Nate Haskins brings over a decade of expertise in streamlining digital operations for businesses, transforming complex tech landscapes into efficient, user-friendly systems. His pragmatic approach to tech solutions, combined with a flair for clear communication, ensures that his clients can focus on their core business without the digital hassle. Outside the office, Nate’s interests include cooking with his wife, watching hockey, playing video games, and exploring the local parks. Based in St. Louis, he combines professional rigor with a personal touch, making him a reliable and approachable partner in technology.

Allison Haskins

Art Director

Allison is a designer at heart, fueled by the joy of crafting digital experiences that truly resonate with people, wrapping their stories and visions in styles that speak uniquely to them. She has meticulous project management, exceptional design skills across digital and print mediums, and a keen eye for creating memorable logos. With over a decade of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, Allison has not only honed her craft in traditional design fields but has also ventured into the realms of ecommerce, game design, and enjoys making coloring books under her own brand, PinkSprinkleMagic.